Back home

Just touched down in Madison and are heading to the gate. Looking forward to some sleep.

We want to thank Steve
And Natalie for being great hosts and letting us share their condo for five days. Jacksonville is awesome!

Final chapter

So last night we pulled an all nighter since we didn't get back from dinner until 10:30-11:00 and had to awake by 4:00am.

What did we do? Played some video games!

We are now boarding our plane to head back north.

We will see you soon.

-Bringing you live

Blue Crab and Crawfish

So tonight was definately an experience to remember.

What do you get when you mix butter and a hammer...

A recipe for Blue crab and crawfish for dinner.

We had dinner at the Blue Crab in Jacksonville.

I must say that when you look your dinner in the face you get to know it a little....

You start to wonder where they have swam and what they have seen and then you rip there heads off, you smash there arms with a hammer, pull the meat out and dip it in butter.

Then it equals good southern eaten. I must admit it was a little weird and I tried some of the crab and crawfish...crab (not bad), crawfish (not a fan) but everyone else liked it.

I'm not sure if I was dreaming but I think one tried to attack steve!

So that was our "trying something new" rule ofthe trip.

Although I tried the crawfish and blue crab, I selected fried shrimp and it was pretty good. Hushpuppies...yes please.

It was fun watching everyone beating shell fish over the head with a hammer, and overall I learned alot about our little sea friends that taste pretty good.

1. When you first meet, they have good eye contact.

2. Then while you are getting to know each other, the waitress places a wooden hammer in your hand behind your back.

3. Then you flatter your shellfish as a distraction so they get blush red.

4. Then you suprise them with them with a gentle tap on the head. And eat away.

5. The Blue Crab-if your in Jacksonville and you like seafood, go there!

-Bringing you live

The Beach and Ocean

We made it through the crowds and found parking by the beach.

We start the journey to listen to the crash of the waves. Excited?Yup.

We hung out, did a little swimming and now we are on our way back to Jacksonville.

-Bringing you live

St. Augustine

So today's adventure starts with st Augustine. This is where steve goes to school for PT.

Everything is really cool here. Very touristy but it makes sense with the amount of history there is here. The buildings bring authentisity and originality to this island.

We then stopped in what most would consider the best gigantor pretzel place ever! Mmmm.

We walked Down the strip mall and found some cool stores. One was a specialty store of anything sharp.

Not sure how we are going to get our new blades home...?

Next was a few art galleries that were really cool. We weren't allowed to take any pictures, sorry.

Then we headed over to Fort Marion which over looked intercoastal waters.

Now our parking time is almost up so we are walking back to the car and may head over to the beach. We will keep you posted.

-Bringing you live

The road warrior

Skittles juice...

-Bringing you live


2006 Honda civic...

Four guys...

Four wakeboards through the trunk to the backseat...

The two biggest guys in the group sharing the backseat...

The middle gets to hug the wakeboards...

Oh no leg cramp!!!

-Bringing you live

Road warriors

Thought it would be funny to try and wake the peaceful sleepers.


OWC and BASS crew do mix

So a successful day at the cable park. I must say it was a lot if fun being to strap up our boards with the BASS crew back together.

We are now going to check out a little of the Orlando and maybe stop in to performance ski and surf.

More updates to come.

-Bringing you live

Fun with sunscreen!

Here are Aaron's awesome sunburned legs.


So now it is movie time. We just got to our seats and they are true pure immitation leather....nice.

"awww....the arms don't go up..." exclaimed Aaron.

CLASH of TITANS begins!

Silencing phones.

-Bringing you live

Nights of Jacksonville!

So after a da of lounging by the pool and playing some video games, we had dinner and walked the outdoor mall.

Very ritzy, saw a Masarati, and enjoyed the sights of evening Jacksonville shopping center.

After looking at an ipad having disputing over it's purpose we will plan on seeing Clash of the titans! (no 3d)

We will keep you posted on the movie.

-Bringing you live

Today's day at the pool

So today we hung out by the pool while it was very nice out.

We played some jump and dive football and now we are relaxing.

Later may bring some hammock time. Sorry about the weather back in the home town. Wr have captured this warm weather in our empty Gatorade bottles and will bring it back with us.

-Bringing you live

Game time!

Aaron playing God of War 3

Seven Bridges!

So tonight we did a little relaxing at the pool and then took a little jaunt to Seven Bridges Brewery. They have really good food and it was similar to the Great Dane in Madison.

Great NACHOS! Good pick steve!

Now we are heading back to Steves place to relax and call it a night. Thanks for looking and we will return tomorrow!

-Bringing you live

Steves here!

Yes steve is off work and the BASS crew reunites!

Three bags and four wakeboards and a civic later and we are on the road to steves paradise!

Stay tuned, this is sardines in a civic signing off.

-Bringing you live

River Runner

-Bringing you live


Brandon: "scot catch the pigeon!" (ad it flys towarda us as we walk)

Scot: "that's not a pigeon...that's a falcon!"

-Bringing you live

The Jacksonville Landing

Here we are seeing the sites whilewe wait to be picked up. Wr dropped our stuff off at Natalie's office and we walked down to The Landing.

-Bringing you live

Adventure time

So now we have some time to kill before Steve can pick us up.  Let the indecision begin.

Landed in the Jacksonville!

We have landed in Jacksonville! It has begun, BASS Fest 2010!

So now we will be getting luggage and updating the blog as we go. We look forward to seeing Steve and being warm.

Airplane time

And Steve is already in Jacksonville...soon we will be together!

-Bringing you live

BASS Fest 2010 Jacksonville, FL

We are in Detroit! starting our venture to Florida to visit Steve for BASS Fest 2010! Yeaaa Detroit!

Next stop...the jacksonville Fl!

-Bringing you live