Blue Crab and Crawfish

So tonight was definately an experience to remember.

What do you get when you mix butter and a hammer...

A recipe for Blue crab and crawfish for dinner.

We had dinner at the Blue Crab in Jacksonville.

I must say that when you look your dinner in the face you get to know it a little....

You start to wonder where they have swam and what they have seen and then you rip there heads off, you smash there arms with a hammer, pull the meat out and dip it in butter.

Then it equals good southern eaten. I must admit it was a little weird and I tried some of the crab and crawfish...crab (not bad), crawfish (not a fan) but everyone else liked it.

I'm not sure if I was dreaming but I think one tried to attack steve!

So that was our "trying something new" rule ofthe trip.

Although I tried the crawfish and blue crab, I selected fried shrimp and it was pretty good. Hushpuppies...yes please.

It was fun watching everyone beating shell fish over the head with a hammer, and overall I learned alot about our little sea friends that taste pretty good.

1. When you first meet, they have good eye contact.

2. Then while you are getting to know each other, the waitress places a wooden hammer in your hand behind your back.

3. Then you flatter your shellfish as a distraction so they get blush red.

4. Then you suprise them with them with a gentle tap on the head. And eat away.

5. The Blue Crab-if your in Jacksonville and you like seafood, go there!

-Bringing you live


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