Back to Nashville

After the tour and we made a "pit" stop on the way back to Nashville. It was a bar called Bottles and Cans.  Not much going in when we stopped but it was on a TV show! The show would redeem bars that were not doing well to try and get them back on their feet. Not sure if this one learned anything?? We played a game of pool or two and headed out. Check with Larson and Dave for more details about the show, I never saw it =\ Dave was excited though!

After that we headed back downtown. We walked the strip to check everything out and find a place we wanted to eat. We decide to stop at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

We sat down right next to someone from Madison! His name was Cory and plays on the Monona Home talent! We had a good dinner, some good conversation and lots of laughs! 

We decided after a long day to go back to the hotel. But first a stop at Walmart for a keyboard that we needed for a geek project Scot and I were trying to get working. We failed that night but we will be prevail!

We had to leave early on Sunday so it was a low key night but a really fun day with everyone.

The Pancake Pantry

Reviewed on Man vs Food, we had to go have some pancakes..the only problem was choosing between 23 different kinds of pancakes! Delicous! We went Saturday morning for breakfast before we went to the Jack Daniels Distillary. 

Here are some photos from breakfast. 

After breakfast was our journey to Jack Daniels place. 


Friday Night Out

Some stats and facts:
-Dave had something over 20 comments about his mMerica! shirt / Andy and I had 5 comments about our Milwaukee Brewer apparel.

-Dave truly defined his mMerica! Shirt when he spilled beer and blood on it using the ol' explodin glass trick. 

-We probably met more people from Wisconsin than fromNashville, TN

-We all saved Aaron's life at least once. 

-We met "Joseph Gordon-Levitt"

-"We're gonna have try-outs"
- Courtesy!
-Jacks BBQ was delicious

-Downtown needs more lights...

-We had a blast and stopped at a couple other places. Good night, good food, good time.

-Some other pictures from the night.  

Weird old lady talking to us or pick up on us? No one could understand what she was saying. So weird. 

-Live bands in every bar. 

-Batman is there somewhere...I know it!

Jack Daniels Distillery Tour

Our day was a great one. After breakfast at the Pancake Pantry (reviewed by Man vs Food) we loaded into the Yukon and headed to Lynchburg! Population of 360 people. What, who, where, what is Lynchburg you say? This is the home of Jack Daniels Whiskey. It is a dry county however. We took a tour to learn about the history of Jack Daniels and see the creation process.

It was very interesting to learn the process of making whiskey and even more to learn that a 7-year old whiskey wiz kid began the journey to making the final formula of Jack Daniels. 

It all begins here! This is a cave that is the end of pure spring water that they use to make the whiskey. It was about 90 degrees out and the air coming out of the cave was 56 degrees year round!

Here is Jason next to a "sort of life size" staue of Jack. He was actually smaller than this statue. 

Towards the end we got to walk through one of the barrel houses. So many barrels! Lots of money in there and this picture doesn't do it justice. We did get to taste test on this tour, we sampled Single Barrel, Black Label and Gentleman Jack. That was at the end of the tour. I didn't document everything, but it was a good time. 

If we rewind a bit. We had three hours before our tour, so we spent our time in "downtown" Lynchburg. Lots of shops, and restaurants and Jack Daniel memorabilia.

This guy was good at checkers. He has been practicing a long time. 

We had lunch at BarrelHouse BBQ. Awesome BBQ! We had what we ended up calling the Jack Crack. It was BBQ pulled pork grilled pepperjack cheese sandwhich. Amazing!

That sums up the afternoon in Lynchburg. If you are ever close, stop in. "Neat" history about Whiskey and Jack Daniels and the town. 

Aaron Answers Lifelong "What Would You Do" Question

It has been a long time discussion with us. Many times we ask eachother question like "what would you choose" or "what would you do"

Aaron has never answered this lifelong question before...until tonight!

The question was, "Aaron, you can only do one for the rest of your you choose wakeboarding or football?"

Over the years further clarifications were added to this question. Define "do".  Tonight it came to, you cannot play, watch, practice or "do" football or wakeboarding depending on your choice.  It was allowed that Aaron could coach one of these as long as the coaching did not require the action of "do"

Mr Larson suprised us by answering this long lost question for him. What do you think he chose? I will post the answer tomorrow. Leave a comment of your selection!!

We made it!!!

We made it to the hotel!!! Some classic south on the way here. 65mph tow behind. 

Hotel looks nice. Take a look.

It started raining so we are researching the best barbecue place and will go to that. For now we are hanging out in the room. 



mMERICA! Dave sporting his patriotic colors and possible formal wear. 

Sorry for posting late. I was driving. Got through nine hours since my departure! There are seven of us in here. Can you find us all?

Rental car is awesome! Because it is a Yukon!

After picking everyone up, our first stop was at the Cracker Barrel in Merrillville, Indiana. My kids have me a few toys to bring on our journey so you may see some pictures pop up with them at our stops. 

We did not get our retropi gaming emulator working for the car ride to Nashville but we will prevail with an internet connection. 

Our next stop was just a rest stop and our first gas fill up on our way to Lousiville. 

We have classified our trip theme... "Courtesy"

We are back on the road, approximately four hours to go. 

Thanks for reading.

b.A.s.s.choler Trip

90 minutes until we embark on an incredible journey. A journey to celebrate our past, present and future friendship with Aaron Larson. In about a month he will be married to Jessi. She is great for Aaron and he for her! I am so excited for Aaron and Jessi and the life they will share together. 

I look forward to having Jesse as part of the BASS family! If I could say one thing about the two of them at this moment, I would say they are like "peas and carrots" they just go well together. Welcome Jessi...but first...

We go to Nashville, TN! We travel because it is what we do, (when we can). There will be challenges...there will be laughter...there will be food...there will be food challenges. Together, seven men, will survive the road beyond and possibly much more...

Keep posted for updates, pictures and challenge victories!

Now 60 minutes of rest time.