Back to Nashville

After the tour and we made a "pit" stop on the way back to Nashville. It was a bar called Bottles and Cans.  Not much going in when we stopped but it was on a TV show! The show would redeem bars that were not doing well to try and get them back on their feet. Not sure if this one learned anything?? We played a game of pool or two and headed out. Check with Larson and Dave for more details about the show, I never saw it =\ Dave was excited though!

After that we headed back downtown. We walked the strip to check everything out and find a place we wanted to eat. We decide to stop at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

We sat down right next to someone from Madison! His name was Cory and plays on the Monona Home talent! We had a good dinner, some good conversation and lots of laughs! 

We decided after a long day to go back to the hotel. But first a stop at Walmart for a keyboard that we needed for a geek project Scot and I were trying to get working. We failed that night but we will be prevail!

We had to leave early on Sunday so it was a low key night but a really fun day with everyone.