b.A.s.s.choler Trip

90 minutes until we embark on an incredible journey. A journey to celebrate our past, present and future friendship with Aaron Larson. In about a month he will be married to Jessi. She is great for Aaron and he for her! I am so excited for Aaron and Jessi and the life they will share together. 

I look forward to having Jesse as part of the BASS family! If I could say one thing about the two of them at this moment, I would say they are like "peas and carrots" they just go well together. Welcome Jessi...but first...

We go to Nashville, TN! We travel because it is what we do, (when we can). There will be challenges...there will be laughter...there will be food...there will be food challenges. Together, seven men, will survive the road beyond and possibly much more...

Keep posted for updates, pictures and challenge victories!

Now 60 minutes of rest time.