Friday Night Out

Some stats and facts:
-Dave had something over 20 comments about his mMerica! shirt / Andy and I had 5 comments about our Milwaukee Brewer apparel.

-Dave truly defined his mMerica! Shirt when he spilled beer and blood on it using the ol' explodin glass trick. 

-We probably met more people from Wisconsin than fromNashville, TN

-We all saved Aaron's life at least once. 

-We met "Joseph Gordon-Levitt"

-"We're gonna have try-outs"
- Courtesy!
-Jacks BBQ was delicious

-Downtown needs more lights...

-We had a blast and stopped at a couple other places. Good night, good food, good time.

-Some other pictures from the night.  

Weird old lady talking to us or pick up on us? No one could understand what she was saying. So weird. 

-Live bands in every bar. 

-Batman is there somewhere...I know it!