Jack Daniels Distillery Tour

Our day was a great one. After breakfast at the Pancake Pantry (reviewed by Man vs Food) we loaded into the Yukon and headed to Lynchburg! Population of 360 people. What, who, where, what is Lynchburg you say? This is the home of Jack Daniels Whiskey. It is a dry county however. We took a tour to learn about the history of Jack Daniels and see the creation process.

It was very interesting to learn the process of making whiskey and even more to learn that a 7-year old whiskey wiz kid began the journey to making the final formula of Jack Daniels. 

It all begins here! This is a cave that is the end of pure spring water that they use to make the whiskey. It was about 90 degrees out and the air coming out of the cave was 56 degrees year round!

Here is Jason next to a "sort of life size" staue of Jack. He was actually smaller than this statue. 

Towards the end we got to walk through one of the barrel houses. So many barrels! Lots of money in there and this picture doesn't do it justice. We did get to taste test on this tour, we sampled Single Barrel, Black Label and Gentleman Jack. That was at the end of the tour. I didn't document everything, but it was a good time. 

If we rewind a bit. We had three hours before our tour, so we spent our time in "downtown" Lynchburg. Lots of shops, and restaurants and Jack Daniel memorabilia.

This guy was good at checkers. He has been practicing a long time. 

We had lunch at BarrelHouse BBQ. Awesome BBQ! We had what we ended up calling the Jack Crack. It was BBQ pulled pork grilled pepperjack cheese sandwhich. Amazing!

That sums up the afternoon in Lynchburg. If you are ever close, stop in. "Neat" history about Whiskey and Jack Daniels and the town.