mMERICA! Dave sporting his patriotic colors and possible formal wear. 

Sorry for posting late. I was driving. Got through nine hours since my departure! There are seven of us in here. Can you find us all?

Rental car is awesome! Because it is a Yukon!

After picking everyone up, our first stop was at the Cracker Barrel in Merrillville, Indiana. My kids have me a few toys to bring on our journey so you may see some pictures pop up with them at our stops. 

We did not get our retropi gaming emulator working for the car ride to Nashville but we will prevail with an internet connection. 

Our next stop was just a rest stop and our first gas fill up on our way to Lousiville. 

We have classified our trip theme... "Courtesy"

We are back on the road, approximately four hours to go. 

Thanks for reading.